Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

We are committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations assess their current level of success and identify their aspirational goals so they can reconcile any gaps.  At an organizational level, this includes examining leadership approaches and reviewing structures and processes to determine if they support or impede growth. 

Consulting Services:

  • Strategic Planning and Roadmap Development

    Our approach to strategic planning focuses on developing a concise “roadmap” that becomes a living document, easily understood by and accessible to all members of an organization.  Navigation by this roadmap leads to clearer long range vision and strategic intent.  Most organizations experience a strong day to day reactive pull that demands focus on operational details to the detriment of longer range objectives.    A strategic roadmap, however, calls for periodic higher order reviews of organizational direction and prompts strategic course corrections.

  • Strategic Alignment

    When organizations are misaligned with competing goals, strategies inconsistent with core values, or operations out of sync with organizational culture, performance suffers.  SLC works with executive leadership teams to assess and recalibrate alignment, allowing for stronger collaboration and focus on what is ultimately best for the organization.

  • Executive Team Performance

    Organizational leaders have tremendous influence on performance and results.  Yet teams inevitably face challenges in their efforts to collaborate effectively.  SLC works with groups to assess their efficacy, promote greater understanding and tolerance of different approaches and personalities, and implement organizational structures that optimize team functioning.

  • Business Model Development

    SLC works with early stage or restructuring businesses and organizations to review alignment of financial, marketing, and service or product development strategy.  This includes driving greater clarity around key value propositions and aligning customer segments.  The focus is on making sure that the right questions are being asked and assumptions are thoroughly tested.

  • Facilitation of Leadership Retreats

    SLC provides facilitation of customized leadership retreats for groups ranging in size from 5 to over 50 participants.  Topics, exercises, and focus are aligned with specifics needs and intent of the event.