Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“John Bowling has my deepest respect and highest endorsement.  Since 2010, our journey as an organization has benefited greatly from the extraordinary guidance of Dr. John Bowling.  He has provided organizational support and strategic facilitation in many ways; and we continue to retain him as a vital part of our organizational health and strategic development. Through John’s guidance, we have developed a more profound understanding of ourselves as leaders as well as of our organization. He has been instrumental in assisting us in developing alignment with our strengths and organizational initiatives.”

Christine Mason
President and CEO
Addictions Recovery Center

“The development of our strategic roadmap was the foundation of the cultural change in our organization. It became the goal post for the organization to focus its attention and was a communication vehicle for explaining where the company was heading in the future. … Even though the roadmap was important, the real value was how John opened up the new team, … bringing us all closer together. There is considerable trust between the Executive Team today, and we thank John for helping the team bond and significantly improving our ability to work together.”

Rich Bodager, CPA, MBA, FAMCPE
Desert Radiology

“John is a highly skilled process expert who is professional and results oriented. We have worked with several strategic facilitators over the years, and I can say with absolute certainty that John is the best. He is extremely thorough in his pre-session planning. He ensures that the objectives and desired outcomes are clearly understood before meetings begin. His facilitation approach is interesting, thought provoking, energizing and most importantly, productive. Feedback from our entire management team and Board of Directors has always been exceptionally positive regarding John. I truly consider him to be an asset to our entire organization and one of the reasons we have continued success. I have the greatest confidence in John’s skills as a facilitator and consultant and would unequivocally recommend him to any organization.”

Brian Petranick
President and CEO
RiseMark Brands

“Dr. Bowling’s approach is one of support and respectful guidance as he provides feedback, counseling and advice to ensure that the organization’s impact is meaningful. Overall, the shift in the trajectory of our organization can be directly attributed to Dr. Bowling and the support he has provided. We are clearly aligned with our Strategic Roadmap, utilizing it to guide decisions and solutions as we move forward. This focus has been drilled down to other stakeholders, and all staff have a clear understanding of the decisions that are being made and why, ensuring that transparency is evident throughout the entire organization.  Dr. Bowling’s guidance has enabled us to truly shift the culture, from the Board down. Dr. Bowling would be of value to any organization in need of unbiased support to define and improve strategy, strengthen and develop leadership and outline a path for organizational development.’

Shae Johns
President and CEO
Southern Oregon Goodwill