Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Central to the process of leadership coaching is developing greater awareness of self, others, and context.  These three broad areas yield important information for more conscious self-management, higher functioning relationships, and responses that are consistent with systemic and organizational needs. Building awareness in all three areas is essential to effective leadership.

Coaching Services:

  • Executive Coaching

    Through a process of assessment and feedback, executive coaching develops a more profound understanding of ourselves as leaders and how others perceive our leadership. While most people in organizations receive performance evaluations related to task-oriented results, it is less common to be given feedback that empowers personal and professional growth. Executive coaching provides a forum to explore and leverage strengths and align them with life and career aspirations.

  • Advanced Leaders Program (ALP) Groups

    Meeting eight to ten times over the course of a year, these groups are designed especially for high-performing executives.  CEO’s and other top leaders benefit from having a safe place to share difficult questions or challenges.   ALP groups provide an effective forum to give and receive honest, direct feedback from executive peers that expands self-awareness.  Participants develop supportive relationships that are frequently leveraged throughout a lifetime. Learn more…

  • Customized Facilitated Leader Groups

    In addition to one on one coaching and ALP groups, SLC facilitates internal high potential leadership groups that are customized to serve the specific needs and focus of a particular organization.  SLC also facilitates quarterly professional “think tank” groups that focus on industry or role specific challenges and opportunities, as well as provide a venue to share best practices, challenge assumptions, and envision the future.

  • Facilitation of Leadership Retreats

    SLC provides facilitation of customized leadership retreats for groups ranging in size from 5 to over 50 participants.  Topics, exercises, and focus are aligned with specifics needs and intent of the event.