Leadership Coaching

Central to the process of leadership coaching is developing greater awareness of self, others, and context.  These three broad areas yield important information for more conscious self-management, higher functioning relationships, and responses that are consistent with systemic and organizational needs. Building awareness in all three areas is essential to effective leadership.

Executive Coaching

Through a process of assessment and feedback, executive coaching develops a more profound understanding of ourselves as leaders and how others perceive our leadership. While most people in organizations receive performance evaluations related to task-oriented results, it is less common to be given feedback that empowers personal and professional growth. Executive coaching provides a forum to explore and leverage strengths and align them with life and career aspirations.

The role of the coach in this process is to serve as an accountability partner and sounding board, while offering occasional advice for the complexities that arise in leadership roles. Maintaining objectivity as an outside person, the coach provides a source of honest feedback while keeping the growth of the individual at the forefront.