Inspiring others to lead with greater awareness

There’s no one right way to lead, however great leadership is driven by self, others, and strategic context. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, sound leadership brings better results. Meaningful change and growth takes time and intentional focus. Organizations aligned around leadership, strategy, and execution typically perform at a high level.

Industries served:

  • Healthcare/Wellness
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Bio-Tech/Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit Services
  • Government Entities

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

We are most passionate about inspiring others to learn, grow and lead in ways that support responsible and effective organizational growth. Learn more about our team by clicking on the names below.

John Bowling, PhD

Managing Director

Dr. John Bowling is an accomplished business leader, executive coach, strategy consultant, psychologist, and educator. He is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations optimize performance through a process of creating clarity around strategy, structure, and desired outcomes, and then enhancing awareness of self and others in interactions. This blend of structural and process work helps remove barriers to performance while reinforcing development of new strategic and interpersonal skills. John’s work spans multiple industries including healthcare, technology, manufacturing, financial services, consultancies, wellness, construction, and community services. Business structures served include multi-generation family organizations, national corporations, franchisors, boards, non-profits and government entities.

Prior to developing his coaching and consulting practice in 2010, John had 14 years of key professional and executive experience. He led start up business development and general management of Silverado At Home following several years as Chief Learning Officer for Silverado Senior Living. As a CLO, John functioned much as an internal consultant, building high potential leadership programs, supporting strategy and culture development, creating leadership team structures, and coaching individual leaders to achieve positive results in business and in life. Before joining Silverado, Dr. Bowling was a principal partner and clinical director of Advanced Behavioral Care.

John serves, and has served, on multiple Boards in the areas of healthcare, aging, education, and technology. He is an active member of Rotary International, served with the National Ski Patrol for 11 years and has received the NSP Purple Merit Star.

Kristin S. Walle, PhD

Dr. Kristin Walle

Dr. Kristin Walle is an executive coach who focuses on leadership growth and leadership transitions to increase individual and organizational performance. Kristin works with global executives to achieve their potential and increase their ability to understand the impact of organizational culture, strategy, and operational goals on individual and team performance. She works with functional or business executives and teams in a wide range of industries.

Dr. Walle’s approach is pragmatic drawing on over 15 years of business experience in executive roles in Fortune 500 companies balanced by focused training in coaching and mentoring. Kristin’s style is action-oriented yet allows for individuals to work at the pace best suited for them. She utilizes targeted assessments and multi-rater feedback in order for leaders to understand their style and approach and how it impacts key relationships, performance, and outcomes.

Kristin received her doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University where she focused her research on CFOs that had successfully transitioned to the CEO role. In her research, she found that the most successful CEOs were able to blend their technical capabilities with broad leadership skills with a focus on emotional intelligence. She is certified in The Hogan Assessment Suite and several Emotional Intelligence assessments.

Maggie Pazian

Leadership Coaching, Emotional Awareness, Behavior Assessment, Facial Action Coding

Career Background

Maggie Pazian is an internationally accredited expert in the science and art of nonverbal communication and behavior, emotion perception and deception detection. She has more than ten years of experience coaching and training others in the skills of accurately perceiving and interpreting emotional information. By drawing upon the scientifically validated five channels of communication and using the Facial Action Coding System and micro expression analysis, she is able to guide others in the process of becoming more emotionally aware and connected. Enhanced emotional awareness allows for better decision-making, stronger leadership, and more effective relationships. Maggie is committed to helping leaders grow and evolve in this area.

Maggie launched her career as a consultant in nonverbal behavior while working with Dr. Mark Frank, the leading researcher in facial expression, interpersonal deception and behavioral observation. Maggie has led efforts on a variety of research and training projects with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Naval Research, National Science Foundation, Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration and FLETC. Maggie has equally shared her knowledge through dynamic programs for large corporate organizations such as the Hershey Company and not-for-profit organizations such as NJ Judicial College.

Maggie appeared on the Discovery Channel show Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska in March of 2010 and has co-authored several papers and presentations on deception detection. She is fluent in English and Polish; with conversational comprehension of the French language.


Leadership and Team Coaching, Emotional Awareness, Women in Leadership, Facial Action Coding, Interviewing, Behavioral Assessments.

Industry Experience

Maggie has been active in research and development around the scientific principles of emotions and behaviors. As a coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer Maggie specializes in transforming her expertise and scientific knowledge into skills based tools to maximize client success from a variety of industries and backgrounds.


Paul Ekman International; Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Analytic Interviewing Certified Trainer, METT, SETT, Facial Action Coding System.


Maggie holds an M.A. in Organizational Communication and dual B.A.’s in Communication and French Language from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Michael Palestina

Executive Coaching, Emotional Awareness, Behavior Management, Agile Leadership

Career Background

Mike Palestina is a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant who partners with senior executives, mid-level managers, and other leaders to inspire and enhance individual’s attitudes, behaviors, and performance resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. These shifts ultimately contribute to successfully reaching desired goals and exceeding individual and organizational expectations.

Mike’s Fortune 500 business leadership experience (in a variety of non-HR related functional areas including Marketing and Business Development, Client Implementation and Services, IT, Project Management and Operations) combined with 400+ hours of accredited training in coaching, emotional awareness and verbal and non-verbal communications provide him with a real-world appreciation of the challenges senior leaders face throughout their careers and within their organizations.

Mike is passionate about helping others modify behaviors. His style is focused but informal, with an emphasis on collaborating with clients to establish a secure, trustworthy, and relaxed environment in which to remove obstacles and achieve results. Utilizing his extensive practical business experience, Mike blends coaching practices with mentoring, advising, and counseling, thus providing his clients with a richer interpersonal experience in which to modify attitudes, behaviors, and performance.


Executive and team coaching, Emotional Awareness of ourselves and others, Change Management, Women in Leadership, business strategy, project management, work/life balance.

Industry Experience

Mike has personally experienced and understands the challenges leaders face throughout their organizations. Industry areas of specialization include Healthcare, Insurance, Utilities, Finance, Banking, Pharma & Biotech, Consumer Products, and Education.

Noted Accomplishments:

Partnered with a CEO of the Americas of a European company on a variety of leadership behaviors including delegation, cross cultural communications and collaboration. Based on positive results our initial 6-month engagement was extended to prepare for increased global responsibilities.
Partnered with a highly successful executive on the fast track for CEO at a healthcare provider on developing a more collaborative executive presence. Utilizing 360° feedback, we identified specific destructive behaviors and adjusted accordingly. This contributed to more constructive relationships with direct reports and a free exchange of ideas.
Partnered with a Chief Marketing Officer in a data analytics firm on developing and executing a 90/180 day plan in support of their employer’s overall strategy. Acted as a sounding board to minimize productivity dips when client became distracted by “shiny objects”.


Paul Ekman International; Management Research Group – 360° and Personal Directions Assessment, Corporate Coach University.


Mike holds a B.A. in Business Administration from William Paterson University; Certified graduate of Corporate Coach University, Executive Training Program of Boston University, and American Management Association 5-Day MBA.