Leadership Development Cohort Groups

Advanced Leaders Program (ALP) Groups

Meeting eight to ten times over the course of a year, these groups are designed especially for high-performing executives.   Top organizational leaders benefit from having a safe place to share difficult questions or challenges. ALP groups provide an effective forum to give and receive honest, direct feedback from executive peers.  Feedback and opportunities for action learning not only creates a resource for problem-solving and learning new approaches, but also expands self-awareness. Participants develop supportive relationships that are frequently leveraged throughout a lifetime.

SLC offers two different models of ALP groups:

  • Internal Model – Groups made up of 8-12 high-performing individuals internal to an organization
  • External Model – Groups made up of 6-12 high-performing individuals from separate organizations

ALP groups involve a combination of facilitated meetings comprised of action learning, accountability, and commitment development. Assessments are used in the process as indicated.